We’re extremely proud of our high pass rate and the great feedback we get from our students. Here’s what our most recent new drivers have to say about their experience of learning to drive with DART.

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25 comments on “Testimonials
  1. Evgeniya R says:

    Thanks to Bob I passed my test with flying colours on the first attempt!! He is a very calm instructor who knows the right approach to helping a learner. Bob is very patient and great in giving useful tips and knowledge both about driving and passing the test! Highly recommended!!!

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks to Bob I passed first time. He is a patient and understanding driving instructor who would never lose his temper with me, or anyone else. He has a great amount of knowledge within his field and relay’s it all in a very easy to understand manor, all credit goes to Bob and I look forward to doing my pass plus with him.

  3. Ollie says:

    A friend recommended me to Bob and he was brilliant to learn with. He taught me all aspects of driving with calmness and patience and I passed the test first time.

  4. Patrick Inns says:

    Bob is a calm and patient instructor, I passed my driving test first time with only 3 minors thanks to him. I highly recommend his driving school.

  5. Caitlin Wood says:

    Bob’s great, i passed in 3 and a half months first time with only 4 minors. would definitely recommend.

  6. Madhuka says:

    Bob is a very very patient instructor. I passed my exam 1st time and all the credit goes to Bob. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

  7. Ray N says:

    I reached out to Bob after seeing a local advert. I had been putting off my getting my drivers license for a while but decided to get it done. From the first lesson to the last, Bob was fantastic! He was / is friendly, non-condescending and very considerate. He took nothing for granted but also ensured that he passed on his wealth of knowledge and experience as and when. He did not overwhelm with information but passed it on at the right time. His vehicle was meticulous and well maintained too. He is also a very approachable instructor who made every effort to work around my busy schedule. We are now planning my partner’s lessons and I would like for her to get the lessons from Bob.

  8. Alex says:

    Bob was a great instructor and got me through first time! Always calm and patient, but pushes you to succeed. Even in the early days his friendly and chatty nature alleviated any nerves or fears, so I used to look forward to my lessons! Driving has given me a new lease of life and it’s all thanks to DART.

  9. Tracy Cox says:

    Would recommend Bob to everyone, he was calm, patient and funny. Passed first time in only a couple of months and driving has really changed my life, so thank you Bob!

  10. Priyesh Paul says:

    Bob is very calm and patient. I am indian and was unaware of the rules and signs over here. He taught me everything and the time with him was very interesting. I passed the test first time. I really recommend Bob.

  11. Jenna Mckay says:

    I highly recommend Bob as a driving instructor. He really encouraged me to do well and pushed me to achieve my best. Lessons were fun and Bob didn’t waste any time on getting me test ready. I am very grateful to him and it was the best thing I could have done as I have three little ones to ferry around!

  12. Sue George says:

    Bob was a patient man and he needed it with me. I had a fear of driving because of past experience and with bob he always was calm and my lessons were relaxed and he built my confidence up and I passed first time. I really recommend him.

  13. Flick says:

    Bob is a very calm, patient and fun driving instructor. I was a very nervous learner and Bob helped me to overcome my fears and got me through my test! I always came away from my lessons feeling calm and having had fun driving around and not feeling sick with nerves like I had before starting lessons with Bob. I would highly recommend Bob as a driving instructor to anyone!!

  14. Josh says:

    Bob was reliable and always calm even when I made mistakes. I managed to pass first time so would recommend DART to anybody.

  15. Melissa Forrester-Frame says:

    Bob is a very lovely driving instructor to have. He is very calm patient and also reliable. I will recommend anyone to learn to drive with Bob.

  16. Tyler Proudfoot says:

    I started my driving lessons off road with DART when I was 16. Bob was a brilliant instructor who was very calm with my bad driving at first! He is a non smoker which I preferred and good pricing too! He was able to do the extra lesson at short notice and in the end I passed first Time with only 3 minors on my test! recommend DART to anyone wanting to learn to drive, many thanks!

  17. Rima says:

    Am trecut testul de prima dată cu DART.

  18. Amanda says:

    I passed with Bob 1st time! He is a very calm instructor with lots of patience. Will be sure to recommend to others :) thanks for all your help!!

  19. Wendy says:

    Great school got me through first time. Thanks I would recommend Dart every time

  20. Ian says:

    I highly recommend Dart, great value and excellent instructors.